Nov 30

The Resume Template Trap

Pseudo-professional language is the disease of the modern resume. In an attempt to meet some imagined standard, people looking for a new job often resort to all types of flavorless words and phrasings.

Nov 24

37 Ways Companies Stack the Deck Against You In the Job Interview Process

Even if you get the job, the interview process is set up for you to lose.

Companies want you to think that interviewing is a series of official tests you need to pass. If you can show you’re able to meet their standards, you’ll impress your potential employer and they’ll offer you the job along with a fair salary.

Nov 09

Career Horror Stories: I Can’t Stand Office Politics

“It’s been almost 5 years since I started at this company. I’ve seen quite a few people move up in that time and it’s really starting to feel like I should have had a promotion.

“I’ve had my eye on this one supervisor position for a while, but that went away after the reorganization. It seems like they created these new roles specifically for other people.

Oct 21

Career Horror Stories: Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop

“I’m sitting here in our open office, alone to my thoughts. Everyone around me is busy, moving forward with work and presumably their careers too.

“And I just know I’m gonna get called in for a meeting one of these days.

“It feels like every morning I’m secretly hoping it’s today so they can just get it over with.

“I’m not really sure that I’ve done anything specifically wrong, but I have this overwhelming sense that they don’t want me here. That they don’t need me here. And the reason it feels so bad is I have absolutely no idea what’s coming next.

Oct 08

Career Horror Stories: I’m Investing in Myself

“I have almost 3 years of experience in this industry, and I've been in training for my next position for over 4 months. It’s just a little frustrating since I was told I would only have to train for a month.

“I understand that my manager needs to feel confident that I can handle the new position. That’s why I’ve been putting in extra time and effort to show that I can do it. You have to invest in yourself, right?

Oct 04

Career Horror Stories: I Don’t Want to Nickel and Dime

“I was at my old job, sitting on break eating lunch in my car when I saw the offer letter come through on my email. It was from that agency with the fun office and I remember feeling so relieved!

“We are pleased to offer you employment in the position of Account Executive...

“I remember what was going through my head. The student loans. The credit cards. I finally might be able to make some progress paying them down. And I swear if I had to fill out one more online job application I was going to die.

Sep 29

Career Horror Stories: I'm Totally Buried

“I wonder if they know I’ve been looking at the job ads on LinkedIn. Can they see that?

“See the thing is, if I’m totally honest, I’d love to move into a new job. But I’m just way too far underwater at work to make any moves right now. And I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

Sep 26

Career Horror Stories: I Took the Bait And Gave Honest Feedback At Work

“I couldn’t help myself. They sent out a link to an “anonymous” employee survey at my job, and I used it to disclose some serious dissatisfaction.

Sep 23

Career Horror Stories: The Setup

“I found out I was set up after I overheard my coworker talking about how much he makes. Let me tell you how that went.

“You ever see the movie Blow? The part I want to talk about is in the middle, after Johnny Depp’s character gets out of prison for the first time. He gets locked up when his ex-wife tips off the police, and he ends up doing 3 years in prison. And he misses out on seeing his young daughter except for family visits.

Sep 19

Career Horror Stories: I’m Just Not Built for This

“I have to be honest, it doesn’t look like I’m going to do anything with the time I’m able to carve out. Even if I manage to gracefully excuse myself from some of the wheel-spinning tasks they have me on at work.

“I always think about leaving for a different job at a better company but I wouldn’t even know where to start. Plus there’s this voice I can’t ignore that says it’s probably best not to disrupt what I already have. Probably best for me to stay put like that and try and save up some money just in case they do layoffs like like year.