Career Horror Stories: I Can’t Stand Office Politics

Nov 09

“It’s been almost 5 years since I started at this company. I’ve seen quite a few people move up in that time and it’s really starting to feel like I should have had a promotion.

“I’ve had my eye on this one supervisor position for a while, but that went away after the reorganization. It seems like they created these new roles specifically for other people.

“Honestly though, office politics aren’t really my strong suit. Shouldn’t my my hard work and performance be enough? Some just people spend all their time trying to get recognized. It even seems like they’re doing less work than me.

“I can’t stand how they’re constantly tooting their own horn and glossing over their mistakes. Somehow they’re able to make the boss think they’re amazing. Guess that’s what happens when you have no problem taking credit for other people’s work.

“Sometimes it even feels like they diminish other peoples accomplishments for the sake of inflating their own.

“I’d never do that to someone else. But it’s about time I got some recognition for myself. The next time I deliver a project early, come up with a great idea, fix a problem, I’m CCing upper management on the email.”